Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lynda's Prom Stories

I didn’t have a prom experience. I daydreamed about it a lot… what I’d wear, how I’d fix my hair, what kind of corsage my date would bring me, how I would dance. With 4 kids, my parents couldn’t afford a lot. I worked and would’ve paid for it myself. My boyfriend didn’t like dances or dancing and never wanted to go. I thought about going with other friends that didn’t have dates, but that seemed embarrassing to me. But I think if I knew then what I know now, I probably would‘ve gone solo just for the fun of it. My boyfriend always said I could go without him if I wanted to, but I knew he really wouldn’t be happy if I did. That boyfriend has been my husband since 1976, he still doesn’t like to dance. He danced at our wedding, will sometimes dance one slow dance with me at weddings and special occasions and he’ll dance with me at home when no one’s looking, and that’s ok with me.

I encouraged my kids to go to the proms and formals whether they had a date or not. They went to Los Molinos H.S. (Grad yrs ‘97 to 2001). My daughter, son and two nieces (that lived with us during their high school years) went to most, sometimes with dates and sometimes with good friends. They always had a blast! They usually went to dinner in Chico. Sometimes fancy elegant places like the Albatross, sometimes fun silly places like Chucky Cheese. Then on to prom” for photos, special hors d’oeuvres and punch, hanging out with friends, dancing away with their dates and others, and dancing in fun friend groups just being silly and having a great time. They’d usually go to breakfast in Red Bluff afterwards.

I always worried about them being on the road before and after… it’s a mom thing! With no cell phones, I made them call me at each destination (what a pain I must’ve been). I’d wait up for them and listen to all the details which they seemed happy to share with me, as though they didn’t want the night to end. (I prommed vicariously through them, tee hee)

The girls always had to have “new” dresses. And, of course, all the lovely adornments to enhance it all. One time we did a swap and had friends bring dresses from years past and they traded off. I was glad for that year, it can all get quite expensive. Sometimes they paid for their own hair, makeup and nails and sometimes they would do it all at home with friends and my help. Although, they really would rather have the friends’ help than mine, so I usually had to “back off”. Too old fashioned, I’m sure you know what I mean.

My son was a character. He and his best friend always wore something crazy and funny. Like one time they wore bowling shoes, another time wore their Motox Fox, No Fear or AC/DC style caps with their tuxes and van shoes. I remember them wearing dressy sweaters one year when no one else did. I’m sure their dates must have wondered how they’d show up each time. Once my son waited ‘til almost the last minute to decide to go, then wanted a tux. I was so glad that he got measured and got it ordered “in time”. But when he picked it up, the jacket was way too short in the middle and sleeves (he was tall and skinny), and it was too late to do anything about it. (He didn’t get any money back for what I thought was the blunder of the store clerk, but “oh well.”) He wore it anyway, and just had fun with it. His date was so beautiful and I think his “fun” personality made up for his lack of sophistication (I hope so anyway).

I love to look back at all the pictures, it brings back very fun memories!!!

I still had a few of the dresses and shoes at home and, with the girls’ permission, I donated them to our prom project a couple of years ago. I hope other moms had the same kind of pleasure I had… watching, waiting, and listening to all of the happy details of their child’s “prom”! I say “child”, but they sure looked all grown up on those special nights. (Well, the girls did anyway.)

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