Thursday, April 3, 2008

Linda's Prom Story

I was never much into the whole prom thing when I was in high school, but my senior year my best friend and I decided that we should probably go to at least one. We chose to go with guys who were "just friends" to avoid all the anxiety of "does he like me?", "will he kiss me?", "do I want him to kiss me?", etc. Some of our other friends decided to do the same thing and we all agreed to meet up at the prom instead of arriving together. My "date" and I got Chinese takeout and took it to Ide Adobe park to eat. We wore just our regular clothes so we didn't have to worry about getting dresses and suits dirty. We had a great time, no pressure, just laughing and having a good time. Except there was this big black bird that just would not leave us alone! He kept squawking at us and swooping down to try to get our food. We would toss a few crumbs a distance away from us and he would gobble that up and then look at us and keep squawking and swooping! I think he ate more than we did.

To avoid the big price tag of a formal, my mom made my dress and he wore a suit he already had. We figured the evening was more about the fun we would have and not the clothes... plus we didn't have to worry that someone else would be wearing the same thing! My dress was a soft peach floral and my hair, since it was the 80's, was feathered and locked in place with a lot of hair spray. His was too.

We met our friends there and had a total blast! We all danced with each other's "dates" and laughed and laughed... especially when I slipped on a streamer and landed on my butt in the middle of the dance floor! But we were having such a great time I didn't care. We stayed until the very end and ended the evening by going to Shari's to eat. It was such a great evening... no pressure, no disappointments, just pure fun... one of my favorite memories from high school.

Linda, class of '83

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