Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tina's Prom Story

I went to winter formal with my first "real" boyfriend, Cliff. I bought my very first formal dress (besides flower girl dresses), a black slinky velvet number with a slit up the side and a pearl at the center of the bodice (still have the dress!). I was incredibly nervous, since this would be mine and Cliff's first actual date. Cliff wore a tux with a vest--it had a black and silver geometric design on it--very cool.

The way he asked me to the dance was really funny. We had only dated a few weeks, and really just hung out together at school. One day, after the bell rang at the end of lunch we said our goodbyes and he walked out of the room to go to class. Suddenly, he came running back into the room, and shouted "Hey, Winter Formal! Are we going or not?" I nodded, surprised and thrilled that he wanted to go. He said "Thought so." and ran back out.

My best friend, Carrie, her sister Christy and I cooked dinner, pasta primavera (Carrie and I were in nutritional science that year and that dish had been an assignment. It was pretty tasty!) We ate at Carrie's house, the three of us and our dates plus our friend Leana and her date Chris.

We got photos taken first as we arrived, then danced all night. My feet hurt so much, and Cliff and I kissed until our lips were numb. Afterward we went to Denney's for a while, then to Chris's house and hung out until I had to be home. I thought that was the most amazing night ever.

Tina, winter formal 1995


Anonymous said...

What a great, sweet story.

Anonymous said...

Nothing "bad or ugly" except the parents waiting at home wondering and worrying! You survived and so did we!
Love Mom