Thursday, April 3, 2008

Linda's Prom Story

My Senior "Ball", which is what our prom was called at Red Bluff High in 1977, was a bittersweet night. It was so long ago that I don't remember the price of gas or a loaf of bread, or anything else for that matter!

I made my dress which was a long sundress that consisted of many ruffles. It was made out of a "lovely" red and white seersucker fabric (note the sarcasm) with lots of white cotton eyelet trim and a white butterfly applique on the bodice for an extra nice touch of fashion genius?!!?? My date had a matching red shirt, cream corduroy pants, and a cream corduroy vest concocted by his industrious "Suzie Homemaker"

We met several other couples at the Lassen Steak House in Vina for dinner and the evening seemed to be progressing nicely. For reasons that I can no longer recall, my boyfriend and I got into a very heated disagreement and we spent the entire evening arguing. I was pouting when they announced the "Senior Most" awards at midnight. The last award of the evening went to the "Class of '77 Cutest Couple" and when I heard our names it was very hard for me to walk up there with the guy. I sort of dragged myself to the stage when the infamous Tehama County photographer, Ralph Ehorn, decided that we needed to kiss for the yearbook picture. YUCK!!! The last thing I wanted to do was kiss my date at that moment in front of my peers! But I was a good sport and gave him a pretty friendly kiss.

It turns out that was a good thing because now I have something to show my grandkids. You see I've been married to my "prom date" for 30 years now and he would still wear anything I made for him! (Luckily for him I don't sew much anymore!)

Linda Prom 1977

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