Thursday, April 3, 2008

T.D.'s Prom Story

Yes -- turning the hands of time WAY BACK, it was 1985 (Hanford High School, CA) and I remember thinking with my best friend that it was just important that we WENT to the dance, (since I was at the time without a steady boyfriend) and that it really didn't matter who the date was (within reason!). She arranged for me to go with her boyfriends' best friend. We just wanted to wear pretty dresses, new shoes, and the latest hair style, makeup trends, etc.! With Madonna being ALL the rage -- as if you couldn't tell by the lace gloves and hair bow -- our options were endless!

My best friend is still my best friend, to this day. We've known each other since we were 12 years old. We got an award at our recent 20 year HS reunion for being the ones there with the longest friendship!

She ended up being married for a few years to the guy in the pic - but I was left behind that night in 1985, alone, at somebody's house (at an after party) by the guy who was my date. He left me there after he 'got back together' with his girlfriend and left with her while I was in the restroom - what nerve!

I should have known what the night ahead would hold as the night started out bad when I sat down to get in the car next to the guy -- the whole back zipper of my strapless dress split -- ALL the way down to my waist! I had to go back in the house and get my friends' mom to sew the zipper closed right on my body -- we carried on with dinner, the dance, etc., but at the end of the night I cut off the dumb dress and threw it away!!! It was a sign of something I wanted to forget! You can't tell that by looking at the pictures, luckily!

So, to see now that the boys are conveniently 'cut out' of this pic really drive that message home - ALL these years later -- it's the friendships that matter!

Have fun - prom go-ers! Enjoy time with your FRIENDS and take a MILLION pictures!

T.D. Prom 1985

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